What is a podcast and other questions?

The dictionary definition of a podcast states that it is a syndicated audio file. Translated into ordinary English, this refers to a recorded episode of audio content that is distributed in a special way on the internet to allow you to stay in touch with the latest episodes.

Podcasts are like TV-on-demand, only with audio instead of video files. You subscribe to your favourite shows, and every time they release an episode your podcast app will download the file to a queue ready for you to listen to at your leisure.

You'll be able to listen to episodes directly here on the site but you might want to try out a podcaster application. The simplest option for almost everyone will be to use iTunes' built-in podcasting functionality. This works on PCs as well as Macs (and on your handheld devices) and should suit most general purposes.

If you find yourself getting into listening to podcasts while you're out and about, you'll probably want to install an app on your phone/tablet. Our recommendation for iOS is the newly released Overcast. (If you want something to sync with your Mac, try Instacast). For Android we're less sure, but try Pocketcasts or Stitcher Radio.

There are many thousands of podcasts, but some shows we like include:

99% Invisible

Middle East Week

Technical Difficulties