Sources and Methods #23: Beeminder

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Beeminder Blog

Beeminder Forum

Daniel Reeves (twitter / github / beeminder goals / Messy Matters blog)

Bethany Soule (homepage / twitter / github)


Show Notes:

3:10 - Alex’s Arabic routine


4:35 - Quantified Self

Sources and Methods talks Quantified Self with Ernesto Ramirez


5:40 - Mathematica

Beeminder’s Yellow Brick Road


7:08 - UVI goals (blogpost)

UVI Beeminder goal

UVI twitter account


8:10 - Tagtime (Google Android Store)

“TagTime: Stochastic Time Tracking for Space Cadets”


8:47 - RescueTime

RescueTime and Beeminder (integration)

“Beeminder ♥ RescueTime”


10:35 - PhDs and Beeminder


12:09 - Nick Winter

Nick Winter book, The Motivation Hacker

Nick Winter’s Beeminder account


16:10 - Hyperbolic discounting (wiki)

“Flexible Self-Control” (Messy Matters)


19:27 - Willpower (list of books)

Baumeister’s ego depletion model (wiki)

Carol Dweck’s counterarguments

Akrasia (wiki)

Akrasia (Messy Matters)

Beeminder Blog (posts tagged with ‘Akrasia’)


22:45 - OKRs and goals


23:00 - “How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big: Kind of the Story of My Life”

Scott Adams - “Goals are for Losers. Passion is Bull$%&#”

Scott Adams - “Goals vs. Systems”

“systems for ever increasing awesomeness”


24:20 - SMART goals (wiki)

SMART(ER) goals Beeminder blogpost


27:30 - “trying to avoid the question of willpower”

“Beating Beeminder Burnout”


29:30 - Success Spirals

Nick Winter - “Spiralling Into Control”


30:25 - “The Road Dial and the Akrasia Horizon”


31:00 - Habitica (formerly known as HabitRPG)

Beeminder’s list of their competitors


33:45 - Charles Duhigg - The Power of Habit

34:05 - Buster Benson - “Behaviour change is belief change”

35:40 - BJ Fogg’s Tiny Habits

36:00 - Pavlok

37:00 - Negative reinforcement (wiki)

39:10 - Beeminder bracelet


39:45 - Mark Forster’s To Do List system

The various versions of Mark Forster’s systems


41:05 -

Trello fading cards (aging)


41:50 - GTD Review


42:35 - Bargaining in relationships

“For Love and/or Money: Financial Autonomy in Marriage”

“The Couple That Pays Each Other to Put Kids to Bed”


43:05 - Game Theory (wiki)

43:40 - Fox News - “Could bidding on chores help your marriage?”

45:35 - “Beeminder’s Youngest User”

Sources and Methods #21: Lion Kimbro

Lion Kimbro 101:

Lion’s personal website

Kimbro’s Book - How To Make a Complete Map of Every Thought You Think


Show Notes:

Simple information architecture overview

14:15 - (on hypertext fiction) I think people want a sense of closure, like they know that they read the whole thing.

Overview of hypertext fiction

Amazon’s X-Ray feature for Kindle, a reference tool which functions as a concordance

17:34 - I have difficulty telling friends I’ve read books - what I’ve done is skimmed through to parts that were interesting to me and read them in detail, and that to me is sufficient to me to say I’ve read a book, though friends tell me that’s not enough, and yeah

18:59 - (my book) zooms in on creative thought. It’s focused on ideas. You can monitor your thinking in such - my thinking of thinking has expanded since then, but it focuses on creative thought and originality and ideas.

22:30 - when you look at something, we all think we just stare at things. But when scientists watch how we look at things, our eyes are moving all over the place, framing it. We do the same thing socially.

29:50 - There’s a big school of thought that says you need to write everything down and memorise it, but I’m a huge fan of forgetting the rules. Because when it comes, we can decide to do what’s best from here.

39:03 - A trick for reading and accessing information later: as you’re reading something, and you want to have it, or share it with a friend, just flip to the front of the book and write your friend’s name and the page number, or the idea and the page number, and you have an instant index. 48:54 - My biggest recommendation for people: use your computer to index things. It will save you an enormous amount of time.

51:55 - For collaborative note taking / sharing: Honestly, just text files and dropbox. It’s simple and you’ll get a little notification whenever it’s changed.

David Allen’s Getting Things Done

Kimbro’s preferred task management system: JIRAAnother recommendation: KanbanFlow


Kimbro’s Picks:


Book: Dying to Learn

Movie: Puella Magi Madoka Magica

Song: Bohemian Rhapsody